Dear God

Dear God,

With all due respect I have to ask, why did you make my daughter and I Queens of finding lost animals? Yes we have big hearts. Yes we will do just about anything to rescue a lost animal or one in need. We have probably endangered our lives more than once starting with the time I jumped a ditch in the woods in the dark with my baby girl on my hip just to return a dog to an old woman.

We don’t mind the responsibility so much as not having the proper resources needed to do this job to the best our ability. We don’t have the finances or the acreage to keep animals. If you would like to give us a farm and the lottery then we could really go at it whole hog. That would be great.

So for Christmas I would like a large king cab truck and my daughter will need a new truck. We will need a large farm, many kennels, lots of dog and cat food. A lot of houses, bedding straw. Oh and we will need a nice, handsome ranch hand to do the hard work for us. Also lots of money to take care of all of this and pay the ranch hand.

It would be very, very much appreciated and welcomed. Thank you, your humble servant Linda, Queen of finding lost animals.


4 responses to “Dear God

  1. Maybe you should start a non-profit animal sanctuary???

  2. Not sure. But you would start with researching 501(c)(3) & how to get non-profit status.

    • ok thanks. i wonder though if thats how the humane society is operated. must be. we have one of those but its always full to the brim. thank goodness some really great ladies took it over and turned it around. i am allergic to dogs so i can’t volunteer their with that many at one time. but if i had a ranch and a ranch hand…:)

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