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Folded Flowers by Kumiko Sudo is an interesting and beautiful book that shows how fabric and ribbon can be used just like paper to  make origami decorations for purses.  The book includes 24 three-dimensional flower designs and complete patterns for six exquisite purses. I decided to play around with a piece of my of my grandmother’s left over fabric that is shown in the previous post on my other blog, Skirting It. In reading the directions Sudo says that finger pressing the seams works fine. Unfortunately it did not  work well for me.  I am adding several photographs of the flower (Phlox) that I tried to make. Just in case you are wondering I used one layer of a clean napkin that I had laying nearby as the pattern tissue. And my hand sewing is atrocious. Needless to say this needs to be completely reworked and I will use an iron to press the seams down next time.



Let me count the many ways you annoyed me with your TLC show Sarah Palin

1. If you don’t want to be seen, don’t put yourself or your family in the limelight.
2. You say “family comes first” yet you seem to want something more.
3. You state that you would rather be out in nature as opposed to being stuck in some stuffy political office. Good, stay home.
4. You left your Blackberry on your car seat out in plain view. Everyone knows not to do that.
5. If climbing Mt. McKinley is supposed to be every Alaskan’s rite of passage then do you really expect us to belive that was your first try?
6. Really? Your father yapping about how todays kids are too busy with all of their technology to go out and play. Sorry pops but we don’t all live in the most beautiful, most wonderful, most glorious state of Alaska. And I am glad that todays kids are keeping up with technology. I wouldn’t want our country to step back into the pioneer days! We have to keep up with the civilized world in some area. It sure isn’t education.
7. You told your girls to pay attention then started texting away on your Blackberry. So is it do as I say and not as I do?
8. And how likely is it that Andy and Willow are going to make out with a house full of camera men there? Boy was that staged or what?
9. And why should Willow cook something for Andy, especially after he just said he had already eaten? Is she a servant? If you want him to eat you cook him something.
10. And poor little New Hampshire. Such a shame that it’s so small.
11. You yap too much.
12. You brag too much.

If I never hear the words flipping, creVASSE, or Alaska again it will still be too soon.

Just to be fair and balanced, yes Alaska is beautiful.


Peek into a fairy’s dream.

Ripple of Autumn

I shot this today while sitting out in the beautiful weather on a great bench under my cute little tree that I planted a few years ago. I love my trees.

Visualizing Obama’s budget cuts. [VIDEO]

This is a fantastic illustration.

Visualizing Obama’s budget cuts. [VIDEO].

Little Bug Series





So far, very very boring.

The Birth House by Ami McKay

The Birth House

by Ami McKay is a special book. If you enjoy reading about birth, families, community, and history this is your book.  It’s like peeking through a curtain watching as a young girls calling in life slowly but surely drapes itself around her.

I have always wanted to be a Doula but never had the chance, so it was especially thrilling for me to read this book and then give it too my daughter in law who is a Doula! I couldn’t even just hand her the book as is. It’s way too special for that. So I wrapped it up, tied it with a bow and gave it too her with a song in my heart and almost a tear in my eye because I knew she was going to be as enthralled with it as I had been.

I was right.  After she read it she told me that as she read she experienced so many different emotions. She was sad, mad, happy, thrilled, scared, surprised, broken-hearted, contented, shocked, and many other emotions.  It ends peacefully with great content. You walk away with a warm heart as if you have just left from visiting one of the families in the book.

Right after I bought this gum paste modeling set I stopped making cakes so now I’m going to use it just to play with. Maybe something will come from it. Today I had a great time playing with my grandson while I was still half asleep. Kids always love play dough. He made the little flower and I made what was supposed to be a tulip.