Folded Flowers by Kumiko Sudo is an interesting and beautiful book that shows how fabric and ribbon can be used just like paper to  make origami decorations for purses.  The book includes 24 three-dimensional flower designs and complete patterns for six exquisite purses. I decided to play around with a piece of my of my grandmother’s left over fabric that is shown in the previous post on my other blog, Skirting It. In reading the directions Sudo says that finger pressing the seams works fine. Unfortunately it did not  work well for me.  I am adding several photographs of the flower (Phlox) that I tried to make. Just in case you are wondering I used one layer of a clean napkin that I had laying nearby as the pattern tissue. And my hand sewing is atrocious. Needless to say this needs to be completely reworked and I will use an iron to press the seams down next time.




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  1. Neat idea. I like how it turned out. Looks natural.

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