Police guard home of woman who put cat in bin – Yahoo! News

Just a cat, she says.  What exactly does a person mean when they say “just” this or that? Do they mean the animal doesn’t deserve to be treated properly? That it’s ok to do anything you feel like doing to it? Just? My cat communicates her feelings to me with different meows for different things. She comes to me when I call her. She plays all sorts of games that show a range of intelligence and emotions. She likes to snuggle in the bed with me. She reacts differently to different people. Do all of these things fall under “just” ? She has eyes to see with, ears to hear with, a nose to smell with, a mouth to eat and talk with. Feet and legs to walk with. Most of all she has a heart that has feelings. Something this woman doesn’t have. Why doesn’t someone “just” stuff her in the bin for fifteen hours? After all she’s just a stupid woman.

Police guard home of woman who put cat in bin – Yahoo! News.

3 responses to “Police guard home of woman who put cat in bin – Yahoo! News

  1. Excellent post.

    The first sentence ties in beautifully with the last and you make one persuassive point after another all the way through.

    PLUS, I’m giving you extra bonus points for being on the right side of the debate.

    I wish that the punishment would fit the crime. Toss her in the bin for 15 hours without food or water and see if she finds it funny.

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