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The Fairy Queens Powder Puff

Village Hero

There are still some heroes around!  If you take your time to help an animal that is in distress then you are a hero.  A few nights ago a man heard a dog yelping desperately in the distance.  It was late in the evening and bitterly cold outside but this wonderful man took the time to go out and see what might be wrong.  He had to go quite a ways into the but he found a dog stuck up to its face in the mud and water of a freezing creek.  Emergency crews had to be called in to help remove the dog.  unbeknownst to them all at the time was the fact that this poor creature was blind and deaf. My heart sings with joy that this man was kind enough to take the time and go see what some yelping in the distance was about.  He was willing to be an instrument of God.  How many of us are willing to take time to notice what is really going on around us and step out of our selflessness to help another in distress?  We all need to slow down and be willing to listen and then respond if the call comes.  It takes a village to raise all of us.

What you lookin at?

It Is Dark In The Woods

Going North

A house on a hill
Eyes looking out on all the world below

Watching people go here and there
With all the changes of time

Birds circling screeching overhead
Cows grazing merrily below

Mountains to behold
Creeks and rivers flowing gently by

Farmers working hard
Sweet earth, yielding forth her fruits

Walking Shops

Margrit Coppe’s book Walking Shops provides a most colorful and fascinating look into the lives of African women in Angola. These women are literally walking shops with the buckets, baskets and bags they carry on their heads filled with anything one could buy at a store from underwear to pencils. They walk with dignity and grace selling their wares to earn a living for their families as best as they can. The full-page color photographs are what tell the story beautifully.