Monthly Archives: December 2009

Julie and Julia

Fabulous! Julie and Julia is a most wonderful movie. From the best actors to great scenery this movie has it all.
Meryl Streep as always is highly entertaining and gives a spot on performance. She is a joy to watch. Even a total non-cook like me might be inspired to try a thing or two.
Paris was magical and I am sure that I would love it as much as Julia Child did. Her ever bubbling joy was fun to watch. She was like a child on Christmas morning all the time.
The film even managed to make a dreary dull apartment in Queens look lovely and interesting. I found Julie to be very down to earth and real. Very likeable.
There was only a small bit at the end of the movie that I found disturbing, but I won’t reveal that bit for those of you who haven’t seen the movie.

Help! Help!

Up here lady, look up! I'm stuck on your lamp by my hair! You really should dust more often.

I noticed this “dust girl” while I was sitting at the computer thinking about my blog.  Poor thing there she was dangling all about screaming for help. How long she had been stuck like that I have no idea.  I took her down and layed her to rest on the top of the monitor.  Maybe she will have run away by the morning.

Golden Bokeh