Psychics, Mediums, Readers

While most of us don’t believe in the abilities of these people sometimes it might seem tempting to just give it a try or to think what could it hurt. Well it could hurt a lot.

You aren’t being told the truth. Your loved one didn’t really say whatever you are told. God tells us in His Word not to have anything to do with psychics, mediums and readers.

So you might stay away from them but how are they fooling so many people? How do they make it look like the real deal? If you look up Cold reading on Wikipedia it tells you all about it. Cold readings, Warm readings, Shotgunning, Barnum Statements and the Rainbow ruse. So read up people, don’t be fooled! Knowledge is power!

Here is the link to the Wikipedia article.

Pitbull Safety

I had an interesting experience this afternoon. A friend in my neighborhood recently took in two dogs from a rescue to foster. When she got the first one, a large, strong, handsome faced blue Pit, I walked over to the fence to meet him. He was very friendly. No problems at all. I visited them several more times with no problem, even after she obtained another dog who was possibly a Pit mix. A very nice dog who was no problem either. So I thought how nice, they are treated well and have a great home and they are good dogs. No problem to be around. Until today.

They came outside and I along with another neighbor who has petted them many times before went to the fence as usual to pet them and the first one barked a bark from hell and acted very aggressive! The bark alone scared the daylights out of me. I didn’t try to pet him. My nieghbor did carefully put his hand towards him to see if he would calm down and lick him. NO! He tried to bite him! The foster-mother said that he seemed to have become very possessive of her in the last few days.

So my advice is not to fear all Pitbulls and never rescue one but to proceed with extreme caution and keep an eye on how the dogs attitude might change over time. The dog might appear calm and friendly for a while and then change for the worse. If a child was involved that would be very dangerous.

As I have mentioned before in another post, I have been chased and bitten by a Golden Retriever and kissed by a Pitbull who was days later given away because his owners thought he was getting dangerous. Be careful and extra observant if you have a dog who breed is considered by many to be dangerous. Don’t leave children alone with them or leave the dogs loose where they could possibly hurt other people or animals. When a neighbors small dog came outside the big dog ran to the fence aggressively and stood by him ready to grab if he decided to jump the fence. Then she took them inside because she recognized that this was not a safe situation.

In a few days they will unfortunately have to move on to another foster family. As much as we all want to think of dogs as cuddly and sweet man’s best friends they do have to have proper assessment and supervision.

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

Ok so no lions or bears. There was a tiger but he was far away with his back turned to us. While in Roanoke, Virginia last weekend we visited a Safari Zoo. It was great! I wish I could have gotten out of the car and walked amounst the animals. They were all so beautiful and friendly. They all got along well with each other and as you will see in the first pic some were a little too uninhibited with us humans. My husband wasn’t really thrilled with his close encounter.
















A friend left a big box of paper bunches here when she moved to California in a small travel trailer. So I thought I would make a post about which brand I like the best according to the ease of use. I have discovered that some aren’t as easy to use as others. So here we go.

1 Marvy Uchida  wasn’t the easiest to punch.


McGill also not the easiest to punch.


Martha Stewart easy to punch.

4Martha Stewart again and easy to use.



This paper punch is by ek and I love this beautiful scroll and flower! It’s one of my favorites. It is decently easy to punch.


t onic studios not very easy to punch.


Recollection worked very well.


The Paper Studio worked great.


t onic studios again not the smoothest.


Martha Stewart very nice of course.



Recollections I really like it.


Fiskars I did not  like at all, did not punch well.


ek is easy to use.


So I decided to make something with all of parts and pieces that I on hand.






So my opinion is the best ones are Martha Stewart, Recollections and The Paper Studio.

I miss-calculated the size for the envelope and the top edges didn’t overlap so I had to tape them down. It was the first time I made an envelope but now I am hooked and I look forward to making many more cards and envelopes.



The Perfume Lady







Moth Beauty

Moths are so beautiful yet delicate. They really should not be handled as I did this one. If you must for whatever reason handle a moth put in your hand a cotton ball or something similiar soaked in a solution of sugar water 1-4 ratio and let the moth come to it. Just like a butterfly it’s wings should never be touched.



Oh and they pee just like any other creature, not something I ever really thought about.



I went outside later and found that it had a wound that looked as if a bird had tried to peck at it so I gently picked it up and laid it in the this potted plant where it would be safe to die in peace instead of being eatean alive. After awhile another moth just like it came in and rested beside it. It stayed there with it for most of the day as if it were trying to comfort a dying loved one. I don’t know enough about moths to know if that is indeed the case or not. I would sure like to think so. The injured moth appeared to stroke the other moth as if to say “thank you”. I noticed today that the non-injured one was gone. At the time I looked anyway. Maybe it is off getting food.  In the photo the moth on the right is the non-injured one.







Such amazing beauty our Lord God created for us to enjoy. Praise Him all creatures great and small.

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