Monthly Archives: November 2012

Nothing to see here, move along

No I did not win the big lottery! Big surprise I know. But someone did. I guess. Who knows, I only checked my two tickets. I didn’t check my husband’s one ticket. I thought it should a surprise for him if he has won. One of my more mature things that I am trying to do lately.

Can’t you just imagine reading those numbers trying to be careful, but wanting to read fast. It seems to me that if a person won it could be heart attack inducing. The excitement would be just to much! I would flip my lid for sure.

I didn’t even want to entire amount. Just as Paula would say: Enough.

Yet Another Doggie Hero!

And a pit bull at that. This beautiful pit mix saved a three month old baby from being kidnapped. Woo Hoo! Good Dog.


No search warrant will be needed to search Americans email if Patrick Leahy, Democratic chairman of the Senate Judiciary, rewritten bill passes. A quietly rewritten bill I might add. So there it is folks that slippery slope the old man in the commercial was talking about. Go ahead kiss all of your freedoms good-by because this is just the beginning. Little by little, quietly, until one day just like in Germany of long ago we will wake up to find ourselves prisoners and slaves of our own government. Speak out against this abomination.

Fiona Apple Is An Animal Hero!

She cancelled her concert tour to stay home with her ailing dog. Now that is a good doggie mom. Hip hip hooray!!!

Just A Dog?

I’m sick of hearing people say, it’s just a dog, as if it’s a souless, heartless block of wood that is of no use. This dog is a hero as they all have the potential to be. Treat dogs with the love and respect they deserve.

Who Knew What When

Everyone around General Patraeous and Paula Broadwell knew. You can see it in the eyes of a woman like that. You can see it in her face. A lot of people knew and didn’t say anything.

It Was A Beautiful Weekend

Make Two People Smile Today

Go do something nice for someone! Something big or small!

Someone you don’t know.

I Know Why A Lot Of Americans Are Fat

It’s because they are to f’n lazy to pick up a real rake. Instead the morons walk slowly around with a leaf blower ruining everyone elses peaceful fall Saturdays! The crazy old fart down the street walks around with earplugs in his ears stupidly unaware that for hours on end he is driving the rest of us crazy!

Lives Changed

This is beautiful. The story of Durga Maya and how INF helped her when no one else could or would.