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Kitty in the Jungle


This idiot should be ashamed of himself. The people of Delaware might want to rethink this guy’s position.

100 Years Old !

This is a very sweet story of a precious young man and woman who got married on her 100 birthday! Watch the video for a smile.

Good Kitty Kitty

What a good Kitty Kitty takes on a whole new meaning for this cat! He saved his new owners life. This cat is a hero. See I told you cats are so smart. Dr. Chelom would surely agree. :)

The Social Lives of Dogs – Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

Even if you don’t have a dog and are not a dog person you should read this book. You will be amazed, surprised and touched. If you are’t then you just are not human. I cried from the very beginning and there are so many touching moments throughout the book. I’m only halfway through and I had to stop and tell you about the book. I do have to say that I would have done things different than the woman who wrote this book as far as the dog that she found on her front porch one day. Busy or not give a stray dog food and water to tide them over. They can not get it for themselves! Would you like to be lost, scared, confused, hungry and thristy for days on end? Well dogs don’t like it either. You can almost always help yourself. Please remember an animal can’t. Give a helping hand. Inspite of that little detour of a rant I do recommend that you read this book. It will give you an entirely new appreciation for dogs. It will show you that if you truly pay attention to your dog that they have been trying talking to you all along. Personally I think cats are the same.

Important Make-Up News

Just in case you missed this. Heavy metals found in some of the best make-up brands. Here it is from Shine on Yahoo.

Fishy Fishy

I don’t work with clay very often but I was inspired to give it another try after seeing a gorgeous flower made from clay in an art magazine. It didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted but close enough. His name is Fishy Fishy.

Fun – Copper Bracelet and Ring

I had so much fun making this bracelet and ring! Still learning lots about it. Here is my Etsy link.

Good-by Whitney

I sat down to watch T.V. and had no idea that Piers Morgan was airing a re-run of Whitney’s funeral. I decided to watch the little bit that was left. The prayer was beautiful. When they lifted her casket onto their shoulders and started playing “I Will Always Love You” I started crying. Whatever we thought about how all of this was handled and the over the top media coverage and the fact that she abused drugs and alcohol it is still sad. She was still someone’s mother, child etc. She was still a human being. One who left us with amazingly beautiful music that we will always have to enjoy. Maybe we don’t always realize how much someone will be missed until they are gone. Or maybe it reminds us that we should be kinder and more gentle inspite of other people’s faults.


I had so much fun making these! I will be making a lot more. The wire wrapping is called the Herringbone weave. Here is a link to my Etsy Shop for this one.

And this one.