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Good Intentions – Earth Fare

I started with good intentions but then I saw the dessert counter.

Shanghai Vegan Dumpling – Gross

Roasted Corn and Barley Salad – Not bad

New Year’s Salad – Gross

Cranberry Broccoli Salad – Very Good

Soy Vegan Nugget – Not too bad considering what it looks like.

Chocolate Truffle Torte -
I’m pretty sure that this was dropped from heaven and they didn’t mean for it too fall down to earth, because it’s far far too good for us mere mortals.

The best thing has the worst photo. Sorry it’s really not possible to redo that one. It’s all gone. Yum, yum.

Afternoon light

Freed why?

The Lockerbie bomber was freed because he had cancer. I say so what! Ok well in my head I am saying a lot more than that.

Who gives a rat’s ass what was wrong with him. I don’t think any of the 270 dead people and their familes do. Were they asked about this I wonder?

And now he is on death’s door. Boo Hoo. He has a few big surprises waiting around that door. Hope he enjoys them. Actually come to think of it, maybe he will linger and not in a coma but just at the edge of death’s door.

I haven’t heard anything about him repenting or being sorry. No apologies have been offered to any of the family members who lost their loved ones, not that I would ever accept it if I was in their place.

He was a cold blooded evil murderer. May he not rest in peace but rot in hell.

Hurricane Hugo, 1989, Category 5

Hurricane Hugo approaches the South Carolina coast in this satellite photo taken on September 21, 1989. (Photo credit: NOAA)

How well I remember. I had an eight year old and a two year old and we lived out in the country in a mobile home. We had never seen a hurricane before. We had no idea what to expect. Just what the media told us. I know that a lot of people are saying all of the fuss about Hurricane Irene is overkill. So be it. It may save someone’s life. Better to be a little inconvienced than dead.    

I remember my daughter was wearing a cute little pink jumper. My husband had pulled the car right up beside the deck and I was literally pushing the kids in. I remember her pink diaper bag crammed full and overflowing with whatever I thought we might need. Pink must be my favorite color. I don’t remember what anyone else was wearing.

We really waited to late to go into town to a more secure structure. Trees were down everywhere so the normal route to town was blocked. Trust me turning around and going back and trying different roads was not a fun adventure in the middle of night with two children in the car. No wait, the children were fine. I was near hysterics. Power lines were down. It was dark. The rain was pounding. Not my idea of fun.

On the way back home the next day it was shocking to see how many trees were down. It took a lot longer than usual to get home. By the time we made our way down the winding dirt road we lived on I really didn’t expect to see our mobile home still standing. But here it was. Still standing. A double pine tree the length of the trailor had fallen parallel to the trailor within about half an inch of it. That was a good thing because from the other side another huge pine tree fell across the trailor. The double in the front kept it from cutting our little home in half! It only uprooted one end with a little smush and a branch went through the living room roof. Both fixable. The biggest loss was a very nice huge deck that my husband had built the summer before.


I do remember the sound of chain saws for a long long time. It must have taken months to clear all of those trees from around our home. The smell of pine sap was overwhelming. It was hot and humid as there was no electricity for about two weeks. Two weeks that my husband won’t let me forget that I spent at my grandmothers about three hours away with all the comforts of home. Hey when my husband went to work at night it was dang scary out there in complete darkness and the pine sap bothered my asthma. So yes I deserted him. If I die first he will probably have that written on my headstone.

Now when I hear hurricane I start making plans. Mother Nature is like an angry mother bear that you leave alone. We know what to expect so, we wish all of you in the path of Irene good sense, safety and home in one piece to go back to.

A Cape Verde storm in the North Atlantic Ocean, Hugo intensified dramatically and was already classified a Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Scale while positioned well east of the Leeward Islands in mid-September 1989.

Hugo then turned toward the northwest. Hurricane warnings were issued for the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. As the hurricane proceeded northwestward, the eye wall scraped the northeastern tip of Puerto Rico. Twelve lives were lost on the island and $2 billion in damage was reported. There was enormous damage in the US Virgin Islands where St. Croix was leveled.

After Hugo’s interlude with Puerto Rico, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) downgraded it to a Category 2. Preparations for the storm were made from Florida to the Carolinas. By Wednesday, September 20th, it became apparent that Hugo was heading for the South Carolina coast.

Emergency management officials prepared the area for a Category 2 hurricane, but on Thursday, the hurricane began to intensify rapidly. By Thursday afternoon, it became apparent that Hugo was going to be a significant hurricane.

Hurricane Hugo made landfall northeast of Charleston, South Carolina, near midnight on the night of September 21st and the storm surge was estimated at over 20 feet.

Fortunately, the eye of Hugo passed just north of Charleston, and the storm surge was highest in an area that was not highly populated.

Buildings and structures were devastated across the state, like this one that sustained massive damage in Charleston, S.C. (Photo credit: NOAA)

Had the eye passed even 20 miles to the south, much of the Battery district of Charleston would have been overrun with water. Considering the number of news crews operating in the area, many lives would have been lost. As it was, much of the communities of Folly Beach, Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, and McClellanville were heavily damaged.

Sustained winds were in excess of 135 miles per hour as Hugo made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane. Another surprise for the forecasters happened inland. Because Hugo’s forward movement was nearly 30 miles per hour, the storm remained strong as it moved up through South Carolina into North Carolina.

Hurricane force wind gusts resulted in tree and power line damage as far inland as Charlotte, North Carolina. The remnants of Hugo moved into West Virginia and western Pennsylvania. Damage was estimated at over $7 billion.
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The Skink

Please pass this on

Don’t let your kids be bullied any more!

Are you for real?

Your smile will tell.

The paragraph below comes from an article at Shine on Yahoo. Read it and watch the eyes.

To spot a faker, check the eyes. When someone smiles out of genuine delight, a facial muscle called the orbicularis oculi involuntarily contracts, crinkling the skin around the eyes. Most of us are incapable of deliberately moving this muscle, which means that when a person fakes a smile, her orbicularis oculi likely won’t budge.

Dream Guy

Now this is a man who knows how to get the job done! This groom to be, secrectly planned a wedding for his bride to be, throughout the course of the year by asking her detailed questions about what she would like at their wedding. He then planned it all out, down the last detail and the most amazing detail of all, bringing her entire bedroom to the place they were to have the wedding.

You see he asked her to marry him right then, right then on the spot. Yes that exact moment. The entire wedding was ready and waiting for her.

This is a man you can count on. A man who will not walk out of the door and forget the diaper bag or lunch. A man who won’t forget your anniversary or birthday or Valentines Day. This is a man who will be there for you and listen to you.

Pop of Sky

Wa ter great idea!

This great video from BoingBoing shows how students from MIT developed this light source for the slums of Manila where there is no electric grid. It’s a fabulous idea. I can’t believe no one has thought of this previously. It’s to simple.

I had to try it out for my self and see what it was like. I had a medium-sized box to use for now but as soon as it cools down I intend to try it out in our shed that has no windows. It does have electricity but free is always better if you only need light.

I did some experimenting and found that the water bottle actually worked better than the popular solar garden lights. Then again I guess I should have used more than one solar light.

There are so many ways this could be used to help people or just to save money. I’m also thinking of ways to enhance the idea.

You may also want to read The Gospel of Father Joe by Greg Barrett.  It sheds a lot of light on the plight of the women and children who live in the slums of Manila. A lot of people don’t always have the same choices that we have. I urge you to read this book.